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Yaaaay, first time doing collaborative commission~

Character art drawn by :iconyanyu:
Background drawn by :iconfox-orian:

You get to choose the character(s) and the setting! For $70, the both of us will pull together some real nice images for you guys! (Every additional character is $15 over the base.) Prints are an available option upon request for $20 + $5 shipping.

From :iconfox-orian:'s journal:
"As for the background side of things, you're reading this so you're probably familiar with my background work here in my gallery. If you like my background design sensibilities, you'll see a lot of that reflected in the work I'll produce for your commission. The quality and detail of the background will be high, (not as high as some of the week+ long artworks I spend time on like Monsoon Season,) but definitely something you wouldn't really get from a lot of other commissions on offer by other artists.

Backgrounds are pretty freely open, there's not too much I can't think of not being able to / not wanting to draw, so hey if you have any questions feel free to ask!

We are, of course, taking payments through Paypal, and we're aiming to have a pretty fast turn-around time. (A couple days at the longest, subject to how many are in the queue.) You will receive a high resolution version of the file via email!"
Cheap commissions are closed for now, but if you would still like one just drop a PM. I will only be offering commissions around $30 (but the quality will be much nicer than my $15 ones).
I wish I could rant but I don't have the time, haha. Anyways I have a deadline tonight and streaming to help me stay focused, so feel free to join! I'm working on a colored comic.

Sup dA D:

I'm opening commissions because I really need the money to pay for bills and rabbit food.

Hopefully you will get the idea based on the full body colors.

$2 bust
5$ full body

$7 lineart
$10 monochromatic
$30 color

:bulletblue:Full Body:
$10 lineart
$20 monochromatic
$40 color

:bulletblue:Custom comic page, color (your dialogue, your characters!)
$50 for 1 page
$75 for 2 pages
$100 for 3 pages

Slots (if they fill up, I'll have more rounds later):
1) laughinguy
2) RaeXBB4Eva


♡ Thanks so much! ♡


:star: KIRIBAN AT 50k! Prize will be a free colored sketch! You know the rule; PM me the 50k page view.

Finally got my own livestream channel! Watch me draw the commissions here (unless the client specifies otherwise), haha.


Also, thinking about making a new tumblr. I tried to keep up with one, but never stayed. Maybe I should give it another chance?

It might be more or less the same as my blog though, hahah.


Tue Dec 28, 2010, 7:09 PM
Two hours ago, it was 21 hours since I've been 21. I didn't really want to do anything since the end of the year was just too much for me. But thank you for the BIRTHDAY WISHES WUBUUU.

BY THE WAY I'VE DECIDED ON MY NEW YEAR'S dA RESOLUTION. I am going to reply to every comment with a drawing on my wall, yesssss [please don't make me reget this XD].

WHOA MY GOD I GOT A GIFT thank you so much :iconyunlee: sobbb :heart:

LOL :icontelemondo:

Hey guys. There's this thing going around on facebook about child abuse. It states:

Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and
invite your friends to do the same until Monday (December 6). There
should be no human faces on facebook, but the invasion of memories.This
is for violence against children. Do this as a peaceful protest against
...violence towards children.

It's been a very nostalgic experience--cartoons are one of the essences to childhood. I had set mine to Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold because I felt I related a lot to her as a kid. What did you set yours to? XD

:bulletyellow: Edit; there are a lot of skeptics to silent protests on the issue of child abuse, which I can understand. Let me explain:

Non-profit organizations like Child Help and Prevent Child Abuse have goals that are oriented towards raising awareness.

Do you guys know what those organizations are for? They provide more information about child abuse so that everyone can be well informed about what is happening. Information is good, right?

Do you know what the donations are being spent on? Raising awareness. The organization Prevent Child Abuse states:

"PCA America offers many opportunities for prevention supporters and professionals to gather and learn, exchange ideas, raise awareness or simply celebrate the cause!"

Communities on Facebook are already spreading awareness, without the help of a donation. It is at least prompting people to visit sites about child abuse, talk and learn more about it. The profile picture thing is just a fun way to get involved.

Parents who abuse won't stop, and the abused children will be too afraid to report. It seems to me that parents who lean towards abuse, emotionally or physically, are too caught up with their own problems in order to stop and feel motivated to change. Which is why a majority of the solution to this problem relies on YOU and not PCA or Child Help. PCA and Child Help can't approach families individually and personally. So what do you do?

Reach out to people.

These sites are the only way you will know what to do (and that's why they are are here)if you ever encounter someone personally and will have the chance to SAY SOMETHING. This protest isn't about actively doing something, but a reminder to be constantly aware and prepared to prevent abuse.


:iconcurry23: is hosting this Christmas wishlist event! The full list of other participants:…

:star: Why not do a Deviantart version of the Livejournal Christmas list?
It works like this - you make a wish list of 10 things that you would like to have drawn. Then your friends from DA can draw you a Christmas present. It's about giving and spreading the love - not begging for presents. So you can find others with lists and draw for them too.

I'll jump in whenever I can to draw other people's. I don't really have much to ask for.. I don't even really know what to ask for. XD Here are mine so far:

1. My OC Vera, wearing or holding any of the following:
-A vintage camera (like leica or something)
-A little black dress
-A vintage frock dress

2. My OC Ross…

3. Spy from TF2

4. Women in uniform

5. A film noir couple

6. Cute mecha…

7. Lunch or Mai & Shu (Dragon Ball)

Please visit these two artists! They're very special friends of mine and have been an influence to my art. Perhaps they'll be an influence for you as well.


also my blog.
How many summer vacations do I have left?! Zero; this is my last one. [Oh don't worry, when your time comes it'll be like as if summer vacation is all year round. Unless your vocation isn't your vacation. D:]

To celebrate this, I'm going to Disney World at the end of August. I haven't been there in forever and it was one of the most memorable summers ever (I went on the week of July 4th), so I can't wait! I'm sad that Epcot was the last park I visited last time, so I didn't have enough time to explore that area. This time, it's going to be one of the main parks I'll visit.

Like I said, it's been forever and I'm not completely aware of all the new attractions that have been set up. Undoubtedly a lot of you have gone since my last visit, so tell me some of your more favorite/memorable attractions! I would appreciate your suggestions. =)

Last of all, my goal is to find some awesome Toy Story/Ratatouille merchandise, aww yeeahhhhh-
lol 2 years.
D: Requests get filled up FAST. I still haven't even responded to some of you yet. Don't worry, I may open another request thread in the future. I don't know if I'll be able to do all your requests, but I will certainly draw at least half of you guys. XD Thank you for being interested in my drawings! :heart:

Thanks so much for your help on choosing a name for my bunny. XD There were a lot of cute ones, but we decided to settle on the name Nano. As a thank you, I'm opening a request thread! I'll take original characters or fanart, but I won't do anthro or porn as I'm not.. experienced in those genres. D: Also, only one character at a time.

Thank you! I'll try and draw as much as I can. You guys are the beeest. :D :heart:
Thank you all so much for your tips and affection for these little rat creatures!! :3 Unfortunately, I decided it was best not to get one for now. Instead, I'm going to wait until I know a good local breeder before I get a cute rat of my own (because of possible health issues that may be passed down from pet stores).

:iconfox-orian: and I had almost bought a chinchilla, SO CLOSEE (god DAMN IT ;A; the silver mosaic ones are SO CUTE) but I decided against that too. Not because I think we'd incapable of taking care of them, but because I would want to keep one until the end of its life. That's possibly 20 years. Uh, 30 maybe AT MOST. Yeah, we don't know where we'd be in a few decades from now. D:

You can probably guess what we did end up getting, since I have a lot more experience with them anyway. (Hint, it rhymes with babbit.)

She's the sweetest one I've owned before; she's very curious about things around the room, but she'll always stay in the same one as you. Oddly enough she's not curious with her teeth, and seems to have a disinterest in chewing wires (YES!). She seems very comfortable around me and is incredibly calm. Pretty open with affection, likes to "perch" on your shoulder while you're at your desk. Black and mostly white, she has a spot shaped like an 'i' (or '!') on her back. The only thing is, it's really hard for us to come up with a name for her.

Here were some suggestions so far:

-Meryl/Metal Gear: because of the !, obviously if we were to name her either of those we'd complete it with the urgent grunt that Snake does.
-Femto: It's a unit smaller than Pico, which was the name I had for my Dutch rabbit. Netherland Dwarfs are smaller. Therefore: Femto.

The usual bunny names:
-mooshy, etc.

And I would never name my rabbit this, but I thought of ihop for her HAHAH.

Okok to get to the point: Help me come up with a name I'll like and I'll reward you with a drawing in return. XD


Old entry: I'm a fan of bunnies, but I've been suggested to try having rats as a pet sometime. I hear they're really social creatures, smart and just as fun as having a dog. I'm thinking of getting one.. tell me more about them if you've owned one before?

(edit: I'm open to other pets as well, as long as they're small. I've only ever had fish and rabbits before, something new would be nice XD)
When sculpture, painting, music, dance and poetry have been traditionally viewed as acceptable forms of “high” art, it may seem hard at first to believe that media such as videogames, comics, posters and television shows are now burgeoning forms of “serious” art. It is not so much the issue of what medium is being wielded for these forms of art, but the misplaced precedence that is being held in WHAT is considered as art.

Isn’t art, in essence, an expression that deliberately affects the senses or emotions?

The answer is yes, but the importance of expression and perception is overlooked in narrative and commercial art because of its procedure of execution: everything can be reproduced rapidly with the help of machinery to reveal a product to the mass. It’s so cheap, so repeatable, so unframable. It’s commonplace--ordinary, unimportant. It is something you see every day; they are “basic human traits.”

But because “higher” art has always been exclusive to one class—a class with wealth and status, “higher” art subsequently coquets with snobbery. This painting, sculpture or film is for the viewing of the intellectually and culturally enriched only. It is special, one-of-a-kind, viewed only such few times during a person’s entire lifetime. “High” art isn’t pragmatic; it’s entirely aesthetic.

Well, what about the literary comics, magazines and animation? What about the arcane installation art that is plastered with bombast statements that attempt to substitute your reality with their own? They both do exist. Again, the medium is not the issue, but the lack of effective expression and perception. A highly regarded medium doesn’t make a bad idea a good one. Neither does the humble medium make an idea humble, either.

If anything, the narrative form of art is a friendly flavor, succulent in nostalgia. Right down to the way it was presented, at which time it was presented, and what was being presented in it, it depicted lifestyles in detail, so very intimately that it is sometimes even viewed as far as a substitute for reality. Strong ideas made strong impacts.

Perhaps the reason why comics and animation were looked so down upon initially was because they used to be drawn patronizingly. They were seen more as toys because of its simplistic writing and conceptualization, which ended up with flat characters and settings. Artists who revolutionized comics into what we’re familiar with today did not happen until the mid-20th century.
It was also not until recently that comics were beginning to be known as the “ninth art”—that is, coming after painting, sculpture, architecture, music, dance, poetry, television and film, it is the ninth addition.

Strong appreciation for this medium is growing in several different countries; France had opened the comic book counterpart to the world-famous museum, the Louvre. Called the “Musée de la bande dessiné” (the museum of comic art), its initiative was not about validating comic strips as art, or modernizing itself to appeal to today’s generation, but to present this art with the goal of showing its diverse aesthetic quality.

The conventional perspective that divides the line between “high” and “low” art is entering its first steps of elimination: with the nascent establishment of equilibrium in the wider art world, it’s not so much the narrative and commercial art form that is being “modernized” now so much as the people who are viewing them.
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Oooh it's been awhile since I've written here. I blame blogspot (my blogs and, there's just something about it that makes it more inviting to write in. Or maybe I'm just not used to this, hohoh. Anyways..

I have a to-do list to remind myself so that I don't lag behind. D:

-Draw out backgrounds/edit storyboard for my junior animation project. (Originally I had something that was a bit more "slice of life"-ish, but the inside of me just realized that I'm really more into cartoony-expressive animation. D: SLICE OF LIFE REALLY IS LIKE CHEATING unless you're like azuma kiyohiko, ahah)
-Collaboration with :iconzackules:. That's supposed to be due by late, late-ish March.
-Sketch an ass-load of backgrounds this semester and take more pictures of how streets curve and how houses "sit".

-P-chat more often (seriously. Not only do I like watching other people draw, but it makes me keep drawing for hours--whereas if I drew by myself I'd feel too tired after just a few hours of it.)
-Practice drawing more musculoskeletal movement; take pictures of my body hoho
-Rip a planet in half (GREAT STRESS RELIEVER)
-Play SF4 and go through arcade mode with Ryu just so I could unlock Sakura.
-A couple of art trades and stuff.

Yaaay, that's plenty to do.

But finally, here are some links I've been meaning to share!

:icontehkiah: has been brewing up this awesome Happle Tea [comic]:

:iconfox-orian: is just starting up his new comic SYNTHESIS (check ofteeeen, it's coming soon!):

:iconzackules:'s whimsical comic Novasett Island:

:iconashwara:'s sweet Para-Ten [comic]:
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;3; I want to thank all of you for your support & ideas! It's really nice to have feedback, and it's helped me improve in a lot of ways, haha. I've definitely grown since last summer; you guys are awesome. 8> (especially the ones who keep coming back to comment. You know who you are. XD )

Hopefully I can bring you guys some comics in the near future. I'd been bouncing around on story ideas lately. I'm getting clooooooseeeeee~


inspiration ;3;/

So, school's ending and summer vacation is approaching soon! I was thinking of having a personal summer schedule for art practice (on top of liberal arts classes and a full time job); maybe enough pieces for it to be a portfolio on its own? I'm going to try as much as I can this summer traditionally since my house isn't the most highly equipped place for animation/digital art haha.

If you see any room for suggestions, please tell:

-Several quick drawings of a variety of people, covering gesture, anatomy, face+body variation (QDVP)
-One acrylic portriat

-A short comic, (15-20 pages) ink
-watercolor illustration
-Storyboard a scene (slow)

-Lighting studies with people and environment (acrylic)
-Watercolor illustration
-Storyboard a scene (medium paced)

-Watercolor Illustration
-One acrylic portriat
-Storyboard a scene (fast paced)

I wonder what the rest of 10k masks will do this summer? =) (I know they're going to do something, just don't know what yet.) We'll all be together in September, yey!

10k Masks:

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I caved in and made a new icon to match. BUT FOR SOME REASON DA WON'T LET ME SAVE IT. ); I made the corners transparent and saved it as a png, because I don't think jpeg or bmp can retain transparent pixels. but everytime I press "ok", it simply reverts back to my old icon gaaaarg.
And it's not that it takes a bit for DA to load the icons, because it doesn't even change on the edit page. So for now it's just going to have white corners nyaaa. D:<

Anyways. The team! 10k Masks:


(Haha the tux looks the best on Kiah.)

They are each wonderfully different but altogether talented. We aim to do some projects together in the future. Please check them out. :>

oh man, I want to play with watercolors but I really just want to paint digitally. ); *several glances at the possibility of obtaining an iMac*

The animators down at my school have starting pinning up their stuff around in the animation department. It's nice because I never get to see other animators' concepts, characters or screen-stills hung up; it'll be nice for the lower class men to look at. :iconmarz85: said that my art has been getting a lot of attention lately, which I find vaguely hilarious, but I appreciate it a lot, and I appreciate his idea of exhibiting other student's work.
Students within the department are:
:iconlindajv: :iconmastersara: :iconamelioration: :iconashwara: :icontehkiah: :iconmarz85:

There's more but I don't know their DA's yet, if they have one.(´・ω・`)

Also, American Elf (by James Kochalka) is really really good. "Disarmingly honest" is a good overall description of these sketchbook diaries, haha. And the intro is great.
Often, friends who will read them will say, "That is so true!" or "This is just like me," with smiles.
I recommend you all read it; his website is
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I've started compiling up a concept for an upcoming comic, which is very exciting since my stuff needs to have some sort of direction, rather than random illustrations that I dibble and dabble on. Haha.
I think it's more interesting to do illustrations that are story-driven, so I don't know why I didnt start this sort of thing soon enough. Welllll, actually I was preoccupied with my developing style and methods on idea-gathering. I've found that having a book or blog dedicated for a project is handy. (I used a blog, I find it neater and easier to handle because I can paste stuff in only a second.) When I have ideas right then and there, I can write it on a scrap piece of paper to be logged later. It can be a couple of words to maybe a sentence. Some days I have a lot, other days I get nothing.. but movies, books and conversations can help get it going.

After a month, I look back and take what ideas I've gathered. From there I have two choices:
1. I can formulate it into a short story of its own, or
2. I can incorporate it into a bigger story.


If you were thinking of writing something, maybe this would help.

On a side note, I HAVE BEEN DOWNING GINGER ALE LIKE WATER. Which is a bit ironic, as I don't drink water much at all. Eh.

title of this entry was from…
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I realized that I don't have a lot of art that I like.
Even my "favorites" feel outdated to me, haha.
So, I'm going to work twice as hard, yeah!
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